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Planning to change your office with a new and a bigger one?

Well, if you want to avoid loosing valuable documents or damaging expensive office equipment, hiring a professional office movers is a must. We at ABC Movers Austin Office has 28 years of experience in the moving field and have hundreds if not thousands of successfully finished projects behind. We provide all the needed packaging materials, boxes, office moving crates and equipment which allows us to move your stuff in the safest way possible. We have different sizes of trucks & wheels, so no matter how many stuff you want us to carry and move for you, we can handle it.

Boxes ready for office moverEach project we handle is managed by a professional team leader, who will guide the office movers during the whole process in order to comply with the pre-prepared plan. Like this we are ensuring our customers that all the office equipment, furniture, documents and other stuff won’t be lost or damaged.

In today’s life, supporting operating infrastructure and computers are an integral part of any successful business. You should not be worry if you entrust those to us because we have been doing this since the era of their existing. Most of the companies that we work with assign the transportation of delicate items like servers to their IT support teams. However, if you need help with that too, our tech team will be at your side, and we guarantee you with our help everything will be delivered in the safest way.

Of course, you will know exactly how much will cost the moving of your office, and we can charge this our either by fixed quotation or on an hourly rate. For fixed quotation, we will need to send one of our local moving experts to visit you on site.

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